About ODEX

About ODEX

Our Vision

“What Osaka Dojima Exchange is Aiming for”

Three Pillar

Convenient market for users (Customer-Oriented)

Not only providing market infrastructure that users can use at easy and safely, also responding to a wide variety of hedging needs of institutional investors and businesses, providing attractive derivative products that are easy for individual investors to access.

Cross-border hub market in Asia (Global)

Providing arbitrage opportunities through collaboration with overseas institutional investors and overseas exchanges

New market over the conventional frameworks (Innovative)

Derivatives for precious metals and ESG-related resources as well as traditional agricultural products. Furthermore, not only commodity derivatives, but also a wide range of products such as stock indexes, foreign exchange, and derivatives targeting crypto assets.

Contribution to Osaka’s Vision for the International Financial Metropolis

Osaka will lead entire Japan’s economic growth as an international financial metropolis that has different characters and functions from those of Tokyo.
Osaka is a commercial metropolis, also known as the “nation’s kitchen”.
It developed by people’s independent activities and unique ideas, and world’s first futures contract was traded here.

Osaka’s Advantages

Historical background

  • Birthplace of the future trading

Well-organized urban infrastructure

  • Developed transportation network and an international trading port

Osaka’s Potential

Developing big projects that attracts investments from Japan and the world

  • 2025 Expo Osaka-Kansai
  • World-class growth-oriented IR


Corporate Logo

Osaka Dojima Exchange is a Company that Always Looks to the Future and Continues to Challenge.

The shape of the logo symbolizes the “arrow”. This is based on the idea that both the seller and the buyer of the transaction will encounter at the ODEX market, and ODEX will move strongly toward the future together with the market participants.

The silhouette of the entire logo is the form of “D” as in “Dojima”, and the white space on the left is also the silhouette of “O” as in “Osaka”. In addition, this silhouette shows that ODEX which inherit the tradition and DNA of Osaka, the birthplace of futures trading, will continue to take on the challenge together with Osaka, which aims to become an international financial city.