Guidance of Futures Trading

Guidance of Futures Trading

How to obtain Trading Qualification

Summary of Transaction Qualifications

In order to participate in direct transactions in our market, “transaction qualification” is required §1.
Companies which meet the requirements stipulated in the business rules must meet certain requirements to get transaction qualifications. They can get transaction qualification after our screening.

In addition, trading participants (meaning those who have acquired trading qualifications) can conduct transactions based on their own calculations in our market. Among the trading participants, commodity derivative business operators who have obtained not only the permission by the competent minister based on the law but also “the consignment transaction qualification” among the transaction qualifications are able to make transactions entrusted by the general public such as retail investors.
§1 In addition, a clearing qualification of JSCC(Japan Securities Clearing Corporation) is required.

Requirements for Acquiring Transaction Qualifications

  1. Those who are engaged in the buying and selling of products listed on our company
  2. Commodity futures trader
  3. Those who perform business that meets the prescribed qualification requirements for foreign commodity markets specified by cabinet order
  4. Those who have notified the competent ministry of a specific over-the-counter product derivative transaction as a business.
  5. Financial institutions such as banks and securities companies

Acquisition of Transaction Qualification

Those who intend to acquire our transaction qualifications will be required to fill in our designated application form and submit it to us with the necessary documents. For more details, please contact Self-Regulation Department ( .

Detailed enforcement regulations regarding trading participants