Listed Commodities

Listed Commodities

Azuki Beans

Azuki Beans

Azuki beans has long been an important element of Japanese cuisine, used as a raw material for the red bean paste found in Japanese-style sweets, in sekihan (red beans and rice), and in zenzai soup. For the above reason, azuki beans are the key beans in both export and import in the Japan beans industry. Above the azuki beans produced in Japan, approximately 90% of it is produced in Hokkaido prefecture, and almost all of it is processed into some kind of product.

Further, because the yield of azuki beans changes greatly depending on the weather conditions, it is said that it is a product which the weather risk gives a large impact on the yield and trading price.

Azuki Beans Futures



Type of Trade

Physically Delivered Futures Transaction

Standard Grade Material

Grade II Azuki Beans produced in Tokachi Hokkaido

Deliverable Materials

Other grades produced in Tokachi or Kitami Hokkaido.
Azuki imported from China is deliverable at a discount.

Delivery Points

Designated warehouses in Osaka, Kobe and Hokkaido

Delivery Method

Physical delivery by warehouse receipt

Contract Size

1unit (1,200kg, 40bags)

Delivery Size

1unit (1,200kg, 40bags)

Price Quotation

One bag (Net 30kg)

Minimum Price

10 yen

Delivery Months

Six consecutive months

Last Trading Day

Two business days prior to the delivery day

Start Day of
New Delivery Month

The next business day of the Last Trading Date

Delivery Day

The second to last business day of the delivery month. For the December contract, the delivery day is 24th. If December 24th is not a business day, the delivery day will be the preceding business day.

Trading Hours

9:00 A.M. To 3:00 P.M.(JST)

Price Limit

350 yen