Listed Commodities

Listed Commodities

Yellow Corn50

Yellow Corn50

Corn is a main raw material of livestock feed and is also necessary in daily life as the main raw material in production of processed food such as cornstarch, cornflake, isomerized sugar, alcohol etc.. Currently the world corn production is approximately 1.1 billion tons, and is one of the three major grains in the world along with wheat and rice. U.S. is the world’s prominent corn producer, followed by Brazil and Argentina. Even in the U.S.. corn is mainly produced in the Corn Belt area (covers states such as Iowa, Illinois, Indiana) in the middle west of the U.S..

Further, the market price of corn sensitively reflects the acreage size and the weather of the growing season of the it of the U.S. for it’s huge production amount. Furthermore, the amount of corn imported to Japan is three times the amount of that of wheat, and five times the amount of that of soybeans. Also, corn is the most imported agricultural products in money amount. As you can assume from above, Japan imports approximately 80% of it’s corn from the U.S., and is one of the most imported goods from U.S. in money amount.

Yellow Corn50 Futures


April, 2020

Type of Trade

Physically Delivered Futures Transaction

Standard Grade Material

Yellow corn produced in U.S.A.
(United States Grain Standards Act No.3)

Deliverable Materials

Yellow corn produced in U.S.A.
(United States Grain Standards Act No.1, No.2 and No.3)

Yellow corn produced in Brazil
(More than standards listed in “2.QUALITY / CONDITION” of the contract form “ANEC44”)

Delivery Points

The piers of Kashima or Shibushi ports

Delivery Method

Physical delivery (CIF Japan)

Delivery Period

1st day to the last day of the current contract month

Contract Size

1 unit (50,000㎏)

Deliverly Size

1 unit (50,000㎏)

Price Quotation


Minimum Price Fluctuation

10 yen

Delivery Months

January, March, May, July, September, November within a 14 month period

Last Trading Day

15th of even months (if the last trading day falls on a holiday, it shall be moved forward to the preceding business day)

Start Day of
New Delivery Month

Next business day of the Last Trading Day of the current contract month

Delivery Day

The previous business day of the first day of the delivery period

Trading Hours

9:00 A.M. To 3:00 P.M.(JST)

Price Limit

1,000 yen