Listed Commodities

Listed Commodities

US Soybeans

US Soybeans

 In the Japanese market, soybeans have long been indispensable to the daily diet of Japanese people, as the raw material for foods such as miso, natto and tofu. Soybeans products have widened their variety for instance meeting consumer’s needs or adding high value to the products to make meet of the worlds changing needs as you can see for example, nowadays, soy isoflavone and soybean peptide are coming into spotlight. Because of these efforts to raise demand of soybeans of the soybean product industry, consumption of soybeans in Japan is transitioning steadily around 1,000,000 tons per year these years.

 However, Japan relies almost all of it’s soybeans consumption on import and approximately 80% of it comes from the U.S.. Imported soybeans’ prices experiences large swings according to it’s growing conditions of major soybean producing countries such as the U.S. and Brazil, or the consumption amount of China which consumes a large amount of soybeans.

US Soybeans Futures


Jan, 2007

Type of Trade

Physically Delivered Futures Transaction

Standard Grade Material

Yellow soybeans produced in U.S.A. without screening and sorting processing(United States Grain Standards Act No.2)

Deliverable Materials

Yellow soybeans produced in U.S.A. without screening and sorting processing (United States Grain Standards Act No.2 or better)

Delivery Points

Designated warehouses(silos) in Kobe and Okayama

Delivery Method

Physical delivery by warehouse receipt

Delivery Period

The period within 8 month including the month of the arrival date.

Contract Size

1 unit (10,000㎏)

Deliverly Size

10 unit (100,000㎏)

Price Quotation


Minimum Price

10 yen

Delivery Months

February, April, June, August, October, December within a 12 month period

Last Trading Day

Two business day prior to the delivery day.

Start Day of
New Delivery Month

The next business day of the Last Trading Date

Delivery Day

The second to last business day of the delivery month. For the December contract, the delivery day is 24th. If December 24th is not a business day, the delivery day will be the preceding business day.

Trading Hours

9:00 A.M. To 3:00 P.M.(JST)

Price Limit

2,000 yen