This English version of the Articles of Incorporation has been prepared by Osaka Dojima Exchange, Inc. (the “Exchange”) with the sole purpose of providing information to enhance the understanding of the Exchange of market participants who are non-residents. Although the Exchange believes this English version to be accurate, it does not constitute a word-for-word translation of the Japanese original, and the Exchange makes no guarantees concerning its content.
Accordingly, the Exchange accepts no liability for any damages arising as a result of the use of this English version of the Articles of Incorporation.
Furthermore, if there are any differences between the Japanese and English versions of the Articles of Incorporation, the Japanese version shall prevail.

In addition, any disputes that arise in relation to words and phrases in the rules and provisions, as well as the meaning of the provisions and clauses, shall be resolved in accordance with the Japanese version, regardless of whether such disputes take place inside or outside of a court.

Main Rules

Enforcement Rules related to Market Rules

Enforcement Rules on Market Management

Other Enforcement Rules